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SEO Books Worth Adding to the Library in 2015
December 30, 2018 – 09:08 am

Top SEO Books LibraryAlthough there are countless blogs and websites dedicated to SEO, sometimes the best way to learn in depth is by finding an expertly written book that can explain the intricacies of SEO strategy. When the information is together in one place, many professionals find it easier to digest, take notes, and apply the information. Unfortunately, while there are countless SEO books available, the vast majority do not provide the in-depth information and insight sought by readers.

These are interesting times for books. Books now come in hardcover, paperback, Kindle, Kindle Unlimited (free with subscription), and audio formats. eBook sales are expected to reach $4 Billion in the US. Despite the explosion of digital readers and books on tablet, physical books still make up 73% of paid books sales. Something we all suspected has been proven in multiple studies, comprehension and retention from physical books is better than from ebooks. In an HP study, students preferred physical text books 2 to 1 over digital ones.

SEO Book ReaderSEO Joke: What is an SEO’s favorite part of the book? The title, description, and the index.

However you want to read them, here are 6 SEO books that we have found to be worth adding to the library for those looking to improve their SEO techniques from beginners to experts.

SEO Like I’m 5: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization
By: Matthew Capala

Matthew Capala has been working in digital marketing for over a decade, including having experience with big-name brands such as Apple, Smirnoff, and Prudential. He teaches at NYU while helping businesses of all sizes understand how the internet can be used for tremendous growth.

This book has been written for beginners and it remains true to that purpose. It focuses on providing high quality, actionable information for those new to the world of SEO who might not be familiar with the latest marketing terms. Readers learn how SEO works and how they can leverage the power of the internet to grow their businesses. Fans of the book point to the easy-to-understand language as well as the thorough and insightful advice as excellent reasons to try this beginner’s guide. Capala works to strike a balance between providing information in a reader friendly manner without creating an “SEO for dummies” type book. There are both basic and more advanced SEO strategies throughout the book.

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The SEO Book explains how to improve a website's search ranking. The author of the SEO Book is Aaron Wall. Aaron Wall is a blogger as well as an author.

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