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September 29, 2022 – 12:31 pm

seo-mythsSEO is an evolving science. While some of the core principles will presumably stick around forever (e.g. creating high-quality content), the nuanced aspects of it are subject to continuous change. And as a result, many of the "proven" tactics people have used in the past (keyword stuffing, link schemes) are now stuff of legend.

Unless your organization benefits from having a dedicated SEO person who can work on this stuff day-in, day-out, keeping up with the latest changes in the world of SEO can be a struggle. But in the end, adjusting your strategy based on search ranking algorithm updates or changes in the way search results are displayed visually can benefit your business.

In our new guide, , we reiterate some of the best practices that should continue to guide your strategy through 2015, while also highlighting how SEO has changed over the course of 2014.

Here’s an example of one those changes: ? Yep, we're serious.

The traditional advice had always been, “Oh, you totally need to get Authorship set up on your blog. Cause then you get your byline in the search results. And you get your headshot in the search results. And it'll improve search visibility and clickthrough rates …”

Welp, it’s all over. So I guess the main takeaway here going into 2015 is ... you have one less thing to worry about! And now that you have some free time, feel free to catch up on some other SEO insights with our SEO Myths guide. ;)

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