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August 18, 2023 – 02:41 pm

Increase your site's Traffic - Submit it to 10+ search engines & directories

Increase the number of your backlinks and submit your domain to the major Search Engines.

Submit your website to the major search engines and directories in one click! Site Submitter Tool by Web SEO Analytics allows you to submit your website URL to Google, Bing, Ask and more than 10 search engines and directories.

As a part of a solid SEO strategy, especially for new web pages, it is important to have them indexed the soonest possible to get the benefits of the traffic generated from Search Engines Result Pages. This tool enables you to invite Search Engines Crawlers to discover your website and therefore rank it.

The Website Submission has become simpler than ever!


Please note that your data will be posted to third party companies and thus we are not responsible for their misuse. We advise you not to submit your personal email in the form as you might get spammed. Use a secondary email address since the submission will need to be confirmed to that specific email address.

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