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Are Any SEO Services on Fiverr Actually Worth Using?
August 28, 2023 – 02:46 pm

Are-Any-SEO-Services-on-Fiverr-Actually-worth-UsingFiverr debuted as a novel concept; a fixed price point of $5 for services, where anyone could offer to do anything for that price. Regulated by a free market experience, some services quickly dropped in quality, while others have maintained some utility. SEO through Fiverr is no different.

A Bad History

One of the most common SEO services you can buy on Fiverr is backlinks. Another is followers. If you were to visit the site today, you would see people advertising a guaranteed 2, 000 followers, or a 500-link pyramid, or other schemes. Needless to say, none of these are legitimate. The followers you receive are generally going to be completely disengaged from your brand. The links you get will be spammy at best, and can actively hurt your search ranking. These sellers prey upon businesses looking for an extremely short-term bump in traffic, or those who don’t know any better.

Basic-GraphicsIf Fiverr has such a bad rap, why does anyone ever consider using it? Well, because some services on the site are legitimate. No, you’ll never be able to buy organic backlinks through the platform, but you can have some other work done and save yourself both time and money.

A Word of Caution

When you’re browsing Fiverr, you’ll often see certain sellers labeled top sellers or highly recommended. These sellers are best avoided. It’s very easy to game the review system on Fiverr, so many of the top rated sellers just used their own resources to create dozens of positive reviews to boost them to the top.

Essentially, you’re going to have to be willing to invest some time and money in searching for the right sellers. If you avoid certain types of services – like followers and links – you’ll be able to avoid any permanent damage to your site. The worst that can happen if you buy an article, for example, would be losing when the article comes back low quality.

Post-IllustrationsBasic Graphics

Fiverr is great for some basic graphical work. Need an illustrated cartoon tiger to promote your brand as a mascot? Find a graphical artist doing animal illustrations and work with them to create a handful of poses you can use throughout your site. Many of these talented artists could potentially sell their work for much more, but living in the Philippines gives them more leeway and a lower cost of living. Any basic graphical work, from icons to clip art, can be found through Fiverr. Just make sure, with any graphical work, that you’re the copyright holder when all is said and done.

EBook Covers

Browse the Amazon Kindle Direct feed for a while and you’ll come across hundreds of ebooks with covers that look pieced together from Google image search results slapped and layered in MSPaint. The DIY look does you no favors in the world of ebooks. Instead, you can easily spend $5 to hire a graphic designer to put together a compelling ebook cover for you. All you need to do is give them a title and a little direction. You still have to write the book itself, of course, but a compelling cover puts you ahead of the pack right out of the gate.

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Popular Q&A
What is the most frequent request or service purchased on fiverr?

Most requested is logo design, web development, and ebook writing. Most purchased is probably social media or SEO related gigs.

Can I use varied SEO services on Fiverr to actually improve my pagerank? is full of people offering various sorts of SEO services (Writing articles, running SeNuke xCR, creating link wheels, keyword analysis, all sorts of crazy stuff). Many of these people have thousands of positive reviews. Is this all garbage, or can I pay $50 to a bunch of people and significantly improve my search rankings?

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