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June 13, 2024 – 06:27 am

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Originally Posted by garryjo82
First off I want to say thank you to Mark for providing one of the most professional customer support experiences I have ever come across, which was apparent from the first time he sat down with me on Skype for over 2 hours just to speak to me in order to learn more about about my clients, their needs, and the types of services they offered, in order to be able to devise the perfect strategy and campaign for each of their websites.

So far the results have been astounding across the board for all my client, whether it be a dental office, law firm, or an online e-commerce store, Mark and his team are able to tackle some high volume, and high converting keywords that others usually aren't able to achieve due to lacking the proper combination of both high PR contextual link building in addition to the equally important on-page optimization which is provided entirely and step-by-step throughout the entire course of the campaign.

Once again thank you Mark and your wonderful team down in Sunny San Diego for all the great work you have put in on behalf of my clients, myself and my company. I hope to continue working alongside your company and yourself for years to come.

Have a great day and keep up the awesome rankings!

Originally Posted by mindfreaker
So to pretty much sum it up in a nutshell, if you take a look below you will see that he ranked all 3 of our main money keywords not only on the first page but within the top 3 results, something I have very rarely seen accomplished in SEO. So thank you once again Mark and your wonderful support team and staff for all the great work.
The increase in traffic and business has been quite fruitful here on our end and I would like to thank you for that as we couldn't have done it without you. Two thumbs up and I recommend this service to any professional or webmaster looking to hire a professional SEO agency to handle their websites SEO work.

Thanks again!

Originally Posted by devd666
Customer Service
Mark was on Skype pretty much night and day providing support whenever it was needed. Everything ran very smoothly and I was able to have quick questions answered quickly.

The report was very comprehensive and included a detailed spreadsheet of all the links that were built for my website as well as proof and screenshots of all the activities and social media shares. Also the usernames and password credentials of my privately built web 2.0 blog network were also provided and I had complete access to them.

Rank Increase
I have attached a graph below to show my increase in rankings. Within roughly 3 weeks my main keywords which were stuck on page 3 and lower prior starting began to quickly rise in rankings and as of today we are on page 1, spot #1 for our main money keyword.

I would say that overall my experience of my first months SEO campaign was nothing short of spectacular and I am quite happy with the results and service. I look forward to starting month 2 and will be reporting back again shortly.

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