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Five Tips for Writing Great SEO Content
May 14, 2024 – 05:58 am

Tips for Writing Great ContentContent is an essential component to any search engine optimization strategy because it helps search engines distinguish your website as informative and pertinent to the keywords you’re going after. However, your SEO content needs to be readable and appealing to the human visitors that visit your site as well. Here are five SEO copywriting tips for writing great content that will satisfy search engines as well as the people visiting your site.

1. Keywords:

You’re trying to rank for certain keywords, right? That’s the whole reason you’ve gotten into search engine optimization in the first. So you need to put these keywords in your content. Each of your SEO content pages should be themed around similar keywords. Don’t try to optimize a page for more than 4 or 5 keywords. It’s nearly impossible to accurately optimize or write content for more keywords and still retain the value of the page. The goal should be narrow, targeted pages with very relevant content.

Your SEO content should be 100% relevant to the keywords and, most importantly, be useful to visitors. Writing filler text with keywords interspersed throughout doesn’t provide value to a visitor and will most likely not increase page views or sales. Trickery also places you in a gray area with search engines and doesn’t provide long-term rankings.

While everyone seems to have an opinion of what kind of keyword density (KWD) your SEO content should have, the general consensus is between 3-5 percent. Any more than 5 percent, and search engines will not only see it as spam, but it will seem spammy and keyword stuffed to any regular person just reading it.

To figure out the KWD of a page, divide the total number of keywords used per phrase by the total number of words in the content. KWD is determined per keyword, not for all keywords at once.

Example: If your keyword was “shoes” and you used it 10 times in a 300 word page of content, you would divide 10/300 = 3.33% KWD. If your keyword phrase was “clown shoes” and you used it 6 times in a 300 word page of content, you would divide 12/300 = 4% KWD.

2. Cross Linking:

While each SEO content page is themed to its own keywords, it’s important to maintain an overall theme between all the pages. The main keywords of other pages on your site need to be included in each page to enable cross linking. For a smaller site with five pages this is easy. Just include the main keywords of each page in each of the other pages, and link each keyword to its respective page. For a larger site with 20 or more pages, you may need to divide the pages up and link them to each other in smaller groups (you don’t want 20+ in content links on one page).

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