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7 Top SEO Tips for WordPress Coming Soon Pages
October 21, 2022 – 12:02 pm

SeedProd meta title and descriptionTo write a great meta description, HubSpot recommends:

  • Call-to-action language that encourages clicks.
  • A relevant message tailored to your particular audience.
  • Offering a benefit or promise to the reader.
  • Following through on what you promise in your page content.
  • Doing it all in less than 155 characters.

When it comes to the content of your description, think about what your finished website will offer to visitors. Ask yourself how you would describe the site to a stranger in one short, interesting sentence. If there’s a particular keyword your site will build content around, make sure you work it into your description.

3. Add Page Titles, Keywords, and More

Example coming soon page sign up formYour description isn’t the only thing that will show up in search results. Other information will be included in search result entries for your coming soon page as well.

  • Shorter page titles no more than 50–60 characters long.
  • Making a good first impression with your title choice.
  • Touting your brand upfront, when it’s well known.
  • Moving important keywords to the front, when your brand’s not well known.

Speaking of keywords, make sure you use the same target keyword in your page title and description, and make sure you choose a specific keyword or keyword phrase. “WordPress blog” may even be too vague. “WordPress plugin blog” or “WordPress tips blog” are examples of how specific your keyword phrase should be.

Lastly, filling in your page title will help you beyond just Google’s search results for your coming soon page. This element also shows up at the top of web browsers or browser tabs, as well as on external social media sites such as Facebook.

4. Make Your Page Content Awesome

Hopefully, you’re already making your coming soon page content awesome, but if not, SEO is yet another reason to start making it so.

Matt Cutts of Google says that a coming soon page can play a dual role, being “a good thing for users and a good thing for search engines”:

Search engines want to you to create content for users that will also work for search engines, not just aim for the search engines. Quality page content will make this happen.

Think about some of the same considerations you had writing your meta description and page title. You need to:

  • Make a good first impression.
  • Tailor a message to your audience.
  • Provide some sort of a benefit to the reader.
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Need SEO Tips TO optimize forums websites to rank high on google.

I could not open your forum, it took to long to load.
For forum SEO, first you know that people are unlikely to search for forums to join via Google, but they will search for answers for a questions, or information about a topic.
With that in mind, you can identify the keyword set that you want to optimize your forum for, and write articles that is useful for those keywords and topics. You can post articles as member posts on a relevant theads, and do SEO for thread pages. thread and topic names are important for SEO,
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For forum SEO, first you know that people are unlikely to search for forums to join via Google, but they will search for answers for a questions, or information about a topic.
With that in mind, you can identify the keyword set that you want to optimize your forum for, and write articles that is useful for those keywords and topics. You can post articles as member posts on a relevant theads, and do SEO for thread pages. thread and topic names are important for SEO,
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