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7 SEO Tips To Improve Google Ranking Of Your Website
October 7, 2022 – 09:57 am

Search engine optimization is widely adopted by growing websites to gain online visibility and popularity. Even though SEO is effective, it is not easy now. The regular search engine updates have made it essential to optimize various aspects of a website to make it rank higher.

7 SEO Tips to Improve Google Ranking of your Website (1)

There are seven major SEO signals which will help improve your Google ranking:

1.Keyword Research

Keywords are the most important factor for any website to rank well on search engines. Keyword research is a vital aspect in an SEO campaign as it gives an idea of which keywords are being used by internet users to look for your website. You should try to figure out keywords that have a high search volume but low competition as this will help rank better. These are limited as competitors also make use of similar ones. The best option is to include long tail keywords as these are specific to your page improving the chances of getting listed for relevant search.

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2.Optimize Technically

Your website should be technically optimized so that Google is able to read your website’s text and code.

The URL structure should be kept below hundred characters long, use dashes instead of underscores and skip special characters.

Frame a unique title tag which includes basic keywords in the beginning of the title.

You should have a distinct meta description page for each page consisting of one or two sentences describing the page.

Duplicate content is something which should be kept track of and solved to avoid confusion for search engines.

An XML site-map is essential for the website and should be submitted to Google webmaster tools to get the content checked. Updating and re-submitting it is required every time new content is added.

3.Ease Of Use

No matter how good the content and the design of your website is, if it is not easy for users to find what they are looking for, it does not make sense. Emphasis has to be laid on usability of the website.

Labeling content is important for users to easily find what they are looking for.

Easy and smooth navigation should be focused on so that users can access other pages apart from the home page.

Including good quality content with relevant keywords and crisp information will retain the interest of visitors.

4. Quality Content

The prime focus of SEO is good quality content which is why it is significant to invest money for updating your website with fresh and engaging information.

Uploading new content in the company blog can help gain quality links and also increase the authority of the website.

Promoting e-books properly can bring in new links.

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Is this is latest Google SEO Tips? | Yahoo Answers

There is no such thing as "perfect keyword density."
Yes, your page has to include the primary keyword/phrase you're targeting. But no, a calculator is not an SEO tool. :-)
Write naturally. Write for humans. Include appropriate keywords and synonyms where you can. But don't worry about word counts and percentages and all that other stuff.

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