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August 11, 2022 – 10:22 am

Google Header Part 1Although Google+ is already a couple years old now, it is still one of the most misunderstood social media networks available. One of greatest assets of Google+ is its ability to increase your Local SEO ranking and visibility in Google SERP’s. Large enterprises aren’t the only ones jumping on the Google+ bandwagon to increase their local rankings. Small independent businesses are also starting to reap the benefits of this social media secret. This two-part tutorial goes over how to optimize your Google+ Business page (Part 1) and your Google+ Local page (Part 2).

Verify Website– SEO Title –

The SEO title is the name of your business with “ – Google +” added on the end

Example: Powered by Search – Google+

– url –

Google+ use to have really long confusing URL’s and have finally introduced custom URL’s that are shorter. If you haven’t converted over to the new URL format already, I highly advise it.

Old URL:

New URL:

Google CirclesNew URL Tutorial:

  1. Go to your Google+ Business profile “About” page
  2. Scroll down to the “Links” section
  3. It will show your old Google+ URL and below will ask if you would like to switch to the new personalized URL.
  4. Select the personalized URL you would like

– Meta Description –

The meta description for your Google+ Business profile is only 160 characters long and will consist of your “Tagline” and the first sentence or two of your “Introduction.” Below I have highlighted the Tagline and Introduction in yellow on our Google+ Business profile as well have provided an example of how you can expect your meta description to look like in Google’s SERP’s.

Example: Where Google grabs your meta description from in your Google+ Business page

Example: How your Google+ Business page will look in Google SERP’s

– Dofollow Links –

Google+ is also a fantastic and super easy way to obtain dofollow links. In the past all links on Google+ were dofollow, but now only links in your “Introduction” and links to other websites are. Although only links in your introduction are of any use you can still take full advantage of it as highlighted in blue below.

Example: Where we have implemented our “dofollow” links

– Verify Business Email & Website –

Verifying your businesses email and website on Google+ is vital as it generates a sense of authority for your users and make’s your business look more legitimate in the eye’s of search engines. Once you see a little grey check mark like the one shown below next to your email and website you will know your verified.

Google Circles Google+ Post
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Popular Q&A
How to create custom category in Google Local Business Center for local SEO

I just started a test account to see what you are finding and saw that I was able to enter in whatever category I saw fit in the 'category' sections.  I also saw that if the category that did not already exist, they would tell me that I have selected a custom category.  I also found that Emergency Dental Service was a category that already existed.  Not sure why you are not seeing this in your options.

why Google plus important in SEO? | Yahoo Answers

How Google plus work??
It’s nothing much to do with the SEO, but is good to make your website at the top of Google. How you do that:
1) first select your targeted website.
2) Open a Google+ profile.
3) Now try to add lots of people in the Circle.
4) Wait for they follow back you.
5) Now what you do is just +1 your website.
6) Result????
The result is whenever the people who have followed you searches any term related to your niche; they see your website at the top of Google.

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