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The Best SEO Tools
December 30, 2021 – 10:09 am

I now have the pleasure to announce the results of probably the biggest SEO tool survey of 2015!

Back in 2014 I asked a question on twitter: “which are your top 3 favourite SEO tools?”. Last year ScreamingFrog won a hard fought battle to be #1…

This year, we’ve gone one better though by asking you more details about your life in SEO, how you spend your time & money, and which tools are your favorites in 2015:

The results:

Value for Money

SEO tool manufacturers of the world rejoice – you can start putting those prices up (Please don’t though!). In the value for money category a paltry 9% of users balked at the pricing.

This either means they are too cheap, or the people answering the survey weren’t paying the bill!

How Many Tools do you Use?

We all use lots of SEO tools on a weekly basis. OK, thats not strictly accurate, 94% of us use more than one tool. Still, surprisingly perhaps the most popular answer was more than 6, with a third of all votes cast.

Goes to show that we’ve become a more sophisticated group of marketers, but could also mean there’s high fragmentation in the market right now, with no clear “toolset collection” (like Moz, SearchMetrics, Linkdex etc.) winning the battle.

What do SEO’s actually do all day?

I’m guessing non-SEO marketers around the world ask themselves this, seeing FaceBook or Twitter on our screens roughly two thirds of the day… Perhaps I’m generalizing a bit, but its a fair question, so I posed it to you.

Unsurprisingly, around half of us do the basics all the time; on-site, off-site, analytics and so on, but surprisingly very few of the respondents commit to spending any time on workflow management, being the least likely task we perform.

Another surprise is that less than a quarter of us confess to “regularly creating content”, I’d have guessed this would be another column in the 50% category but it seems more of us than I’d guessed are pure technical SEO’s.

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