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6 Tactics to Turn your Local Landing Page into an SEO Machine
September 29, 2022 – 12:31 pm

Goolge+ Conversation between Ed Parsons and Mike Blumenthal on the distinction between implicit and explicit searchesIt wasn’t too long ago that ranking locally meant NAPs – create a lot of citations and make sure they’re relevant and consistent with what’s listed on your site. For a few years that was the the go-to strategy for local search. But ever since Google’s Venice update, Local SEO has changed and search has become far more personalized and far less dependent on the amount of references to your company’s postal address. Now it’s just as important for your landing page to provide these signals. By the end of this post you should have some actionable insights towards creating, optimizing and succeeding with local landing pages.

But First: Implicit vs. Explicit Searches

To understand this concept it’s first important to be aware of the distinction between implicit and explicit searches. This has to do with the intent of a query and is the idea that while some searches may not contain geo-modifiers (e.g ‘city + query) that they may still have a local intent. Google’s Geospatial technologist, Ed Parsons summarizes this pretty succinctly:

The idea being emphasized here is that more often than not people are looking for locally relevant information, and even if they don’t explicitly specify that location Google will often try to serve up results with a focus on the location relevant to the searcher.

Determining keyword intent is another topic entirely, but to help visualize this concept, compare the search results below for the term ‘business card printing’ versus ‘toronto business card printing’

Even though the implicit search doesn’t specify a location Google realizes I’m in Toronto, and is serving me organic results with a local focus. Likewise an explicit search will return both the local 7 pack as well as local organic results – but you’ll notice with an explicit search that there is far more emphasis on returning locally-relevant pages.

G+ conversation between Ed Parson and Mike Blumenthal on explicit vs implicit searches Chart illustrating the hierarchy of key pages on the Public Storage Canada website.

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