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September 6, 2022 – 07:05 am

Local SEO by YoastWe’ve been hard at work here at Yoast.com, together with our good friend Arjan Snaterse, to complete the delivery of our next baby: the Local SEO plugin, which is, just like our Video SEO plugin, an extension to the WordPress SEO plugin. The Local SEO makes creating geo sitemaps and KML files a breeze, while also allowing easy embedding of schema.org annotated info into your pages.

Just yesterday, during SMX West, Duane Forrester of Bing said:

most people get schema wrong – so be VERY sure you're doing it right

— Greg Gifford (@GregGifford)

He’s right. We found out the hard way: Schema.org is tough to implement right. That’s why you should have us do it for you, as this plugin takes all the pain away and makes it as easy as embedding a shortcode.

In fact, I’ll tell you how we learned the hard way. We were ready to start selling this plugin almost a month ago, and then, without any notice, schema.org was updated. It in another 80+ tags for local business… Sending us back to development.

To see all the powerful widgets and shortcodes this plugin has, check out the how-to. It allows you to easily set up a custom post type for locations too, and because we know you might have a lot of locations, we’ve also added a CSV import capability for those locations.

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Source: yoast.com
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