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September 8, 2021 – 11:29 am

Today, 95% of users search on mobile devices, tablets, and smartphones to find local businesses. If you own a business that relies mostly on local customers, there is no better way to reach your audience than with Local SEO.

Local SEO allows your business to appear on the map provided with search results. Your audience is joined at the hip to their mobile devices, searching for businesses like yours. Make sure they find you rather than your competitors.

Chicago Style SEO in Maps Local SEO is ifferent.

Major search engines rank businesses in a completely different way in local search results than in organic web results. While organic SEO depends heavily on links and social media chatter, Local SEO counts largely on:

  • Optimization of your Google My Business and Bing/Yahoo Local accounts
  • The quantity and consistency of your business listings in trusted directories
  • Local content unique to your business

Call us about your Local SEO goals

Contact us if you think your business could benefit from more local exposure. We can talk about your competitors’ mobile marketing strategies, and how we will work to advance your presence on maps, smartphones, and local searches.

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Chicago Local Search Engine Optimization Best Local SEO
Chicago Local Search Engine Optimization Best Local SEO
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