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Which permalink structure is recommended for optimal SEO?
April 20, 2023 – 02:18 pm

WordPress Permalink Structure for SEOWhen considering important aspects of the SEO of any site, the permalink plays major role in overall optimization. A permalink is a permanent link of your page and posts, and it doesn’t change with time. By default, WordPress offers permalinks like this:

This type of permalink is not search engine friendly, so most newbie bloggers just starting with WordPress fail to create a site that is optimizing WordPress permalinks for SEO because they are using the default permalinks.

In this guide, we will teach you which permalink structure is the best, and we will also look into other suggested WordPress permalink structures and why you should avoid them.

WordPress Permalink SEO

One of the major on-page SEO factors is having your keyword in your post URL (permalink). As we’ve just discussed, the default WordPress permalink is not SEO-friendly, so when you install WordPress for the first time and start blogging without making a change to that default, you are blogging with a permalink structure that is not SEO friendly.

You can find various permalink settings under WordPress dashboard > Settings > Permalink. A few suggested permalink structures are:

  • (/%postname%/)

My favorite and suggested permalink structure for a WordPress blog is Post Name. Post name permalinks are short, sweet and have nothing extra which will affect your

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Popular Q&A
Why is the default WordPress permalink what it is?

It is because it is faster for WordPress to find a post in the database if the permalink starts with a numeric field than if the permalink starts with a text field.
If the permalink starts with a text field, WordPress will first try to match it against all of the pages in the database. If it fails to match a page, it will have to search through all of the categories, authors, posts, etc. to find a match.
If the permalink starts with a numeric field, it tells WordPress right away not to bother searching pages, authors, categories, etc. This also helps narrow the field of posts to search to…

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