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Yoast and WP101 Partner on WordPress SEO Training Videos
December 26, 2023 – 03:15 pm

Yoast and WP101 team up to bring you the WordPress SEO training videos series!We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Joost de Valk to bring you a brand new video tutorial series for the highly-popular WordPress SEO Plugin.

The WordPress SEO Plugin is the most complete SEO plugin for WordPress available today, and this new series of WordPress SEO training videos provides everything you need to optimize your site for search engines and get more visitors!

A collaboration whose time had come.

As most of you are probably aware, we have been planning for some time to create a comprehensive video tutorial series for the excellent WordPress SEO Plugin by Joost (“Yoast”) de Valk.

As luck would have it, our timing perfectly coincided with Joost’s own plans to create a new video training series for his plugin. He reached out to us just before we began production on the new series, and we jumped at the chance to collaborate with him on the creation of the videos.

Joost was tremendously helpful during the scriptwriting process, which is often the most tedious part of creating effective tutorial videos. Once scripts were approved, we began production of the videos themselves.

The result is a 17-part series of WordPress SEO training videos that are not only the most accurate, but also filled with tips, best practices, and expert SEO advice from Joost himself.

Where else can you get that level of training directly from the creator of the plugin?

Going beyond the “what” to explain the “why”.

Throughout the creation of these videos, our goal was to not only explain the functions and features of the plugin itself, but also why those settings are important, and what effect they have on search engine results.

There have been hundreds of tutorials dedicated to this highly-popular WordPress plugin, but most provide little more than a tour of the settings panels, leaving the viewer more confused than when they began. Our goal from the beginning was to provide real-world, practical guidance that will actually help your site perform better in search engine rankings.

Source: www.wp101.com
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