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4 Powerful Local SEO and Content Marketing Strategies No One is Talking About
February 8, 2019 – 09:55 am

location based seoAs you can see, the post addresses multiple keyword phrases that someone (from Powhatan) researching a swimming pool might type in, and it’s also written in a very clear, educational manner. Considering so very many businesses deal with county/state laws and regulations when selling their product or service, this technique can be a major Local SEO success, just as the article above ranked on the first page of Google for every major keyword phrase we were initially targeting, shown here:

2. Write “Who is the Best______________?” Articles

Zoning Laws PhotoThink about it for a second: How often, when searching for a local business, do you go to Google and type in, “Who is the best ______________ company in [my town]?”

Chances are, if you’re like most of the digital world, you’ve done this many, many times. So have your customers. In order to address this critical customer question, you may want to consider taking every major town you work in and write an article addressing this critical question. I’ve done multiple “Best of [location]” articles and every single one of them ranks on the first page of Google and have generated critical traffic, leads, and sales that have benefitted my business.By addressing a simple question for different areas, you'll likely get great results. Here is an example for Virginia Beach:

Now you may be asking the best way to write this type of article (Actually, I’m sure you’re asking that question by now ) Well, my answer to this is to literally pick a group of your competitors that that have a solid history of business in your area and list them, without listing yourself, as I’ll now explain in #3.

3. Write “Best of” Posts that also Review Your Local Competitors

OK, now comes the part that makes people scratch their head, but if you look at it from an intelligent business standpoint and get rid of all your “old school/secret sauce” mentality, I think you’ll get what I’m saying here.

Want to rank for your competitor's keyword phrases? This is how... Pool Review Article
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