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November 30, 2020 – 12:19 am

Use the Link Popularity Tool to find the backlinks of your page.

One of the most efficient SEO tools, the Link Popularity by Web SEO Analytics, enables you to get in just a click a view of the pages that are currently pointing to your website. The report of this Backlink Check tool will provide you with the number and the precise URLs that link to your webpage.

It is a helpful tool for website’s SEP evaluation regarding the number and the quality of backlinks. The information provided may be used for competition analysis and future reference to compare the status of the website.

An increased number of links to a web page is a signal to Search Engines regarding the importance you as a webmaster have gave to them. We suggest on providing the proper weight to key pages of your website in order to build strong presence in SERPs by achieving high rankings.

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