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25 Ways to Learn SEO for Free
February 19, 2023 – 02:06 pm

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This is a guest post by IrishWonder, who has been practicing SEO since 2000, is an independent SEO consultant at irishwonder.com and a CMO for ContentMango.com.

Search engine optimisation, albeit often rumoured to be dead or about to die, is getting more and more popular as a career path. It’s hardly taught anywhere formally, one of the reasons being its ever-changing nature (by the time you get a University course prepared and approved it’s already largely outdated). The bars to entry into the industry are ridiculously low – or insanely high, depending on how you look at it. There is no formal certification but there are plenty sources of information and too many of them are either outdated or complete garbage. There is no lack of SEO conferences and workshops – but many of them are quite expensive, speakers sometimes pitch their services rather than provide useful information, and travel costs do add up as well. So how do you learn SEO without making costly mistakes and spending a fortune?

Believe it or not, there are ways to do it completely free or almost free. The ways listed below range from easily doable by anyone to ones requiring certain skills/knowledge, but it all depends on your character and how willing you are to learn. Majority of these ways also require serious social skills – so while our industry is known for stories about making millions from home in your pyjamas never having to meet other people, you probably cannot afford not having social skills at all.

So let’s see how SEO education costs can be cut down to 0 or close.


1. Start by reading a good introductory guide – SEOMoz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO would do. However, this is just the very beginning – don’t stop there. This is just an introduction to help you learn the lingo and be able to understand what it’s all about further on. I find it bewildering with the increasing complexity of our trade how an increasing number of people claim they know SEO after sitting in a two-week course or attending a basic conference. Don’t be like that, keep learning.

Source: www.stateofdigital.com
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