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July 12, 2020 – 08:16 pm

Are you happy being hidden away in the lower pages of Google where people are looking to buy YOUR SERVICES but do not find you? If so, you are losing potential customers to your competitors as they are getting the chance to impress first, simply because they are on page one!

Why lose all that extra revenue when it could go to your business with one of our fantastic SEO Services?

We can offer a guarantee where we will work for free if we do not manage to deliver what we promise within 6 months (subject to contract). So far we have managed to gain first page listings for the majority of our clients within the first 2 months!

We provide SEO Blackpool as well as across the country.

From first-hand experience, we know that having an online presence can increase your customer base. More and more businesses are utilising the internet because it brings in the majority of their income.

Search engines change the rules in which they rank websites on a daily basis. As the rules change, we adapt to the changes to ensure we can provide the best SEO services possible.

What Would You Expect From Our SEO Packages?

There are two main parts to any SEO service – on page SEO and building links to your website. Before we can begin SEO for your website, we first need to identify the keywords that should be targeted.

Keyword Research

We identify what will be best for your website, based on the services you offer, right from the beginning.

Sometimes we may recommend not going for big search phrases and we do so for good reason. For example: You may want to be on the first page of the search term ‘Blackpool’ so lots of people visit your site to book your hotel, but this is not a good idea.

The reality is that it would take quite a lot of time (a year or more) to get your website there. It is also a generic search term, so you are not guaranteed to actually gain customers from it. What we do is identify keyword phrases where you would be more likely to get on the first page sooner. The chosen keyword will also be more likely to convert into a sale for your business based on the intent of the keyword phrase.

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Popular Q&A
What is the most utilized Black Hat SEO software?

Honestly, probably Wordpress ;)
"Most utilized" is slippery - do you mean installed user base? God only knows, they will all say they are #1. A tool used frequently for black hat is the unix program wget  - that has a high user base.
The two i'm talking about are used at scale.
Xrumer, a link spamming tool originating from (i think) Russia. DO NOT try to go grab a torrent of it or anything. It's windows software and found in the wild comes with nasty rootkits. However the sophistication of the tool compared to run of the mill Black Hat SEO software is impressive. Check the Wikipedia link h…

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