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101 Blog Writing Tips for Great and SEO Friendly Posts
March 1, 2023 – 02:08 pm

Blog writing tipsHere are some of the blog writing tips that lets you balance between them.

Tips for effective blog writing

  1. Overcome procrastination, wake up and pick up the stuff.
  2. Blog in a distraction free environment. Switch off mobiles or turn off the monitor and type.
  3. Read other great blog posts.
  4. Take quick breaks between blogging, split time.
  5. Keep the mind and body fit.
  6. Practice meditation and exercise daily.
  7. Take a quick note on writing tips or ideas that flash into your mind at any time.
  8. Don’t be too formal, use words like you and I.
  9. Learn new words every day and improve your vocabulary.
  10. Be consistent.
  11. Don’t take a long break from your writing.
  12. Consider speech to text, as they speed up your blogging and avoids grammatical mistakes.
  13. Start your blog posts with stories.
  14. Start your blog posts with facts, questions or quotes.
  15. Prepare a skeletal structure (Write only main points and later expand them) of the entire blog post before writing in detail.
  16. Headlines are starting point of your blog posts; make sure that there are catchy.
  17. Blog Post titles should be always plural.
  18. Use personalistic or attractive strategy in introduction.
  19. Don’t overwrite.
  20. Remember that at a time that is only one reader reading your blog post so address your reader.
  21. Don’t be too technical jargon, use simple words.
  22. Write short sentences, chop long sentences to several short sentences.
  23. Always use active voice, avoid passive voice.
  24. Always use positive sentences. I could have used “Don’t use negative sentences”, but it would be negative.
  25. Use lists whenever possible.
  26. Use shorter paragraphs.
  27. Questions for your readers.
  28. Write what flashes into your mind.
  29. Know your audience and their mentality.
  30. Know the purpose of my audience visited and started reading your blog posts.
  31. Give a clue in your writings, and make your readers explore themselves. (My favorite)
  32. Be predictable, that means when the reader is reading a sentence, then he may predict the next sentence, if his predictions were true he will be happy. Never disappoint that.
  33. Occasionally be controversial.
  34. Include cool, funky words.
  35. Occasionally linkbait
  36. The images should convey abstract messages or ideas for your readers.
  37. Experimenting new things in your style of writing helps sometimes.
  38. After blog post for scanners, superficial readers.
  39. Swipe your smart phone keyboard when idle.
  40. Mention fellow bloggers or readers in your blog posts.
  41. Proof read articles against typos, grammatical mistakes, complexity, etc.
  42. If you use proofreading software, then again proofread the blog post manually.
  43. If your mother tongue is not English, then speak English whenever possible.
  44. Read newspapers, and other articles to train your brain for latest writing trends.
  45. Learn writing poems and other creative stuff.
  46. Learn writing songs, preferably rap songs, and tap the inner ideas that are buried under your brain.
Source: www.gobloggingtips.com
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