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September 22, 2022 – 11:42 am

SEOToolSet Training is led by Bruce Clay and Mindy Weinstein, two experienced SEO analysts with comprehensive hands-on knowledge of organic search engine optimization techniques, and tech industry ebb and flow.

SEOToolSet Training instructors Bruce Clay and Mindy Weinstein at an SMX event.

Bruce Clay is a search engine optimization expert who has been breaking new ground in search engine marketing and offering SEO services since 1996. Fondly referred to as one of the founding fathers of SEO by the search marketing industry, Bruce is the founder and president of Bruce Clay, Inc., the exclusive SEO workshop trainer at Search Marketing Expo (SMX) conferences in the U.S., and a recent recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellence in Vision, Execution and Market Influence in the Practice of Search Marketing.

Mindy Weinstein is the director of training at Bruce Clay, Inc., where her tasks include training Bruce Clay, Inc. SEO analysts on industry best practices as well as teaching SEOToolSet Training courses. Coming to the Bruce Clay, Inc. team with 15-plus years of experience in marketing, Mindy is a regular speaker at search marketing conferences such as SMX and Pubcon, and a skilled educator with professorial experience teaching college-level business and marketing courses.

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