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March 10, 2021 – 02:28 am

Organic SEO ConsultantOrganic SEO is the purest form of search engine marketing. In organic SEO, webpages are ranked on the basis of relevancy and authority for a particular topic or keyword phrase. Building this relevancy and authority is a time consuming but rewarding process for businesses because organic search results tend to have positive long-lasting effects on the overall success and ROI for the website.

As an organic SEO consultant, I pride myself on working together with my clients to gain valuable insights on their business that will have a positive impact on their .

We’ll first work to identify the most relevant and profitable keyword phrases related to your products or services and then utilize best practices standards for achieving our organic SEO goals through both on-site optimization and off-site optimization channels.

With my organic SEO consulting services, the on-site and off-site organic SEO strategies that we’ll assess and implement for your website are:

  • Comprehensive Keyword Research
  • Creative, Highly Optimized SEO Copywriting
  • Crafting of Custom Meta Tags to Increase Keyword Relevancy
  • Develop an Effective Content Marketing Strategy
  • Optimize Your Videos and YouTube Channels
  • Build High Quality, Contextually Relevant Links Back to Your Website to increase authority
  • Analyze Analytics to Determine Changes/Additions to the Campaign

Organic SEO Consultant: On-Site Optimization Process

As an organic SEO consultant, one of the first objectives I’ll want to complete is doing a thorough evaluation of the current structure of your website. I’ll analyze the website from top to bottom, evaluating such items as:

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