Philadelphia SEO Consultant

Philadelphia SEO Consultant / Coach
April 30, 2023 – 02:21 pm
criteria for a well optimized website

How We Work

We work collaboratively, meaning you and I will assign and share the work based on objectives, skill sets, availability, and budget.

  • making sure your website can be found and indexed by Google;
  • publishing and promoting content that your audience finds relevant and convincing; and
  • showing Google you deserve to rank highly by exhibiting evidence of popularity and authority.

The best (and fastest!) results come from pooled efforts that maximize our strengths. You know your business and customers. I know search and technology. Together we can accomplish more with less.

Donna Duncan, Small Business SEO & Social Media ConsultantI use only Google and industry-sanctioned best practices. I baseline your website before we start and show measured improvements over time.

About The Owner, Donna Duncan

Donna has more than 25 years of technology and marketing experience. She is a proud and active member of the well-respected Moz, Majestic, Whitespark and WP Engine (affiliate) communities. She is a . She launched B-SeenOnTop in 2007.

Donna is a pragmatic strategist, marketer, SEO and blogger that understands technology. She is a big believer in differentiation, process and doing things “right” the first time.

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What should I look for in a SEO consultant?

References and breadth of experience. 
You are handicapping your business and the work that this professional can do if excluding it to someone who only does SEO. 
Your rankings in search results are influenced by your positioning, media and industry relationships, user experience, and architecture much more than the keywords, copy, and links easily "built."  You want someone capable in those skill sets if you want more than surface changes.
The best advice I received years ago that characterizes how to think of your SEO was a friend who shared, "the person most capable if SEO on your b…

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