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SEO Liverpool – A Proof of Concept
April 13, 2022 – 08:10 am

A proof of concept: why creating landing pages for a particular keyword results in more sales or leads from your website. This is simply because your website has more visibility in the search engines like Google and Bing because it ranks higher in the search results.

In this proof of concept the keywords targeted will be ‘SEO Liverpool‘ and a few longer tail keywords interwoven in – see if you can spot them for fun. Search Engine Optimisation Liverpool - offering SEO services to companies in Liverpool

It firstly starts with us discovering what your company sells, swiftly followed by an in-depth SEO audit and keyword research/analyses. Keyword data such as the frequency of searches per month for your keyword and how competitive it is as a search phrase are enumerated using top-notch-secret SEO methods (evil laugh!).

We’ll then discuss with you what keywords we think are best for your business to target. We like to think of ourselves as an SEO consultancy as opposed to a Liverpool SEO agency.

Now For The Engaging Content

Interviewer: So tell me a little about Bluepoint SEO?
Dave: Well I was fed up with various local (think SEO Chester, Liverpool and the Wirral area) ‘SEO’ companies charging clients a fortune for the work I was doing for them as an employee (and I was getting paid a pittance). Thus I become a freelance SEO and founded Bluepoint.
Interviewer: What makes for a great search engine optimisation company?
Dave: Just good customer service and care and achieving results. Importantly to the ethos of my business, we don’t rip our clients off on the cash front. On a side note, can I ask why you were late for work this morning Zak?
Interviewer (Zak): It was my car mate – my piston broke.
Dave: Your piston broke? Sounds a bit like me in Weatherspoons last night…boom, boom.

As you can see it can be easy to write engaging content that’s useful to your cause but engages your potential clients when you create a landing page targeting a specific keyword, as mentioned in this case SEO Liverpool.

Notice how I’ve designed this landing page in such away it allows me to use a frank search phrase.

You wouldn’t normally find the keywords for search engine optimisation Liverpool naturally occurring in a sentence. Here of course I can use them freely as I choose as they’re the topic of the case study.

Seriously Though For Your Company…

On a serious note this page ranks highly for our targeted keyword and we can do the same for your company. Our SEO consultancy services are pretty outstanding. You really won’t find an SEO service in Liverpool quite as affordable as us whilst maintaining a highly professional website optimisation facility.

After we’ve created the content and published it to your website we’ll do a little onsite tweaking like improving internal links and title tags and meta data. Then, we’ll get on with some content marketing.

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