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March 11, 2023 – 02:11 pm
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If you want to find out more about our services straightaway, then you probably want to see details and prices of our pay per click services, find out more about our organic SEO services, fill in our contact form – or just pick up the phone.

About Local SEO

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Organic SEO will maximise the number of qualified or relevant visitors to your website by attaining the best rankings for your business in the main or free search results pages and also the Google local business results, now usually referred to as Place Page results. PPC services provide a whole new range of opportunities on top of organic SEO.

If you have found our website by searching in Google, Yahoo or Bing for something like “SEO Hampshire”, top “SEO companies Hampshire” or best “SEO specialists Hampshire”, then we have passed one of the most important criteria for choosing an SEO specialist and that is that we know how to “SEO” our own site. We can offer a top quality service at competitive rates because we have no overheads like some of the larger SEO agencies in Hampshire.

Of course, a few keywords on the page are one of the basic ingredients but it is a far more complex subject than most people (and even most web designers) realise and its scope embraces everything from website navigation structure, site architecture, internal linking strategy, back link profiling and perhaps most important of all carefully planned theming and organisation of useful content (the stuff your visitors read).

In choosing an SEO company you need to do some thorough groundwork to mitigate some risks to your business. It is no longer sufficient to base your selection on such obvious things as agreeing price and objectives with your Hampshire SEO provider. It is becoming more and more important to understand what methods your SEO company will employ. Some SEO companies market themselves as ‘white hat’ SEO companies or ethical SEO companies yet still use spamdexing techniques which may damage the reputation and standing of your business.

Our philosophy and ethics mean we play 100% by the search engines’ rules because we believe, in the long run, that is the most sensible, safe and effective route to helping our customers succeed in meeting their objectives. We also believe this approach is the best for our own website marketing, so ‘we practice what we preach’.

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