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September 6, 2022 – 07:05 am

Seattle SEO Company

Seattle serves as one of the central business hubs of the United States, thriving in a highly competitive business environment. Some of the world’s biggest companies are headquartered here, such as Starbucks, Amazon, Nordstrom, and numerous others. In 2011, there were 15% more new business licenses in Seattle than in 2010, and business closures decreased by 16%. In short, business continues to boom in Seattle. With so many great companies opening for business each day, it is increasingly important to stand out from your competitors.

Internet Marketing Strategy
In a perfect world, your potential customers would already be aware of your business, but if you are like most businesses, you struggle with gaining visibility in your market. In order to spread awareness, you need to market your business. However, marketing today is vastly different than marketing of just a few years ago. The age of information is fast upon us, and with it comes a new era of marketing strategies. With so many marketing options available today, what is the best way to allocate your marketing efforts?

Advertising Options
Let’s be honest: Print ads are “so 90s.” While sometimes effective, they are exorbitantly expensive and difficult to quantify the effectiveness of. The same can be said of radio and TV advertisements; not to mention TV ads are going out the window with the ability to record television and skip ads. Fortunately, businesses are not limited to traditional advertising. Today, the Internet contains nearly all of the information of the 21st century and is used by the vast majority of potential consumers. Search engines like Google sort through this information with hopes of delivering to you the most relevant information, and that is why today 90% of consumers find local businesses via search engines and not through paid advertising.

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Seattle SEO Company - Search Engine Optimization Firm in
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Seo Companies In Seattle
Seo Companies In Seattle
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