List of Black Hat SEO techniques

List of Black Hat SEO techniques to avoid
September 8, 2022 – 11:55 am

hidden text Black hat SEOAs more and more people demand for highly relevant and quick information when searching online, Google continues to change and update its searching algorithm for better results. Many Internet marketers employ the use of SEO techniques to achieve higher ranking of websites in the search engine results. However, this can only occur if done correctly, and lawfully. This means staying away from illegal, unethical ‘Black Hat’ SEO techniques and using ‘White Hat’ SEO techniques only.

Everyone has the right to begin with the most basic things to optimize their websites, such as ALT and TITLE elements for non-text content, Meta tags for descriptions.xml sitemap for aiding Google crawl through your website, unique title tags for each page of your website and much more.

However, while you move towards more advanced SEO tactics, there are some that will more or less affect your website’s traffic and harm your site’s ranking in Google search results. Such SEO techniques are called Black Hat SEO Techniques, and can be detected by Google’s Panda and Penguin’s search algorithms; which are developed for the sole purpose of removing or penalizing such sites.

Below are mentioned 10 Black Hat techniques that can harm your Google Ranking:

1. Cloaking

The most widely known Black hat technique, cloaking is the practice of deceiving the search engine by showing different content to Google and taking your websites users to a different content or web page than the one they think they must be going on, after having clicked the search engine link. For example, your web code makes Google think you are directing users to live football match updates site, when in fact your website publishes information about sales on Kid’s toys and accessories. Google uses its search algorithms to locate such activities, and if detected, such websites are subjected to penalty which includes hurting the ranking of a website or even banning it from the search engine, completely.

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Black Hat SEO Techniques
Black Hat SEO Techniques
List Of Black Hat Seo Techniques
List Of Black Hat Seo Techniques
Popular Q&A
If I own two websites and I have reciprocal links on every single page between those sites, is this considered black-hat SEO?

Most certainly not. It's very common, actually, for sites to point back and forth to one another. You can see more about this topic (and when/where/why some reciprocal links may be viewed differently than others) here -

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