White Hat SEO techniques

5 Essential White Hat SEO Techniques for Startups
January 24, 2020 – 04:32 pm

Kick-starting a business is not an easy task. Before you even begin earning revenue, you need to set out your business plan, get funding and build your product, along with many other essential tasks.

In order to increase your projected revenue, you’ll also need an excellent marketing plan that will give you access to the right audience. Implementing SEO in your website design will help you to gain a higher level of visibility and you should also see a spike in traffic thanks to it.

But what’s the best way to do this for a startup? Your SEO techniques should be as white hat as possible, rather than dipping into the murky underworld of black hat tricks that produce instant yet damaging results.

If you’re in the process of implementing an SEO plan for your startup business, make use of these five white hat techniques.

1. Make On-Page SEO the Backbone of Your Strategy

A lot of startups head straight for content creation and social media in the first stages of a new site, but that could be a big mistake. Without a solid basis of technical (i.e. on-page) SEO, all of this will be meaningless.

5 Essential White Hat SEO Techniques for Startups

Make sure your website can be crawled by search engines by giving it good architecture that’s easy to navigate. The next step in your technical SEO process is to ensure your pages are being indexed by Google. The aim of these two steps is to get your pages to rank, so you can nudge higher up the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and beat your competitors.

With a backbone of technical SEO, you can grow the other aspects of your strategy around it.

2. Use Social Media to Build Awareness

Social media is ridiculously powerful, but its main aim won’t be to generate revenue. Instead, you can use it to encourage online conversation, which will increase your brand awareness and follow through with the natural creation of links. This is because as people share your content they’ll also link back to your website.

Create a good social media strategy before your site goes live and implement it from day one. A viral ad wouldn’t go amiss either, as the hype it could create would ensure your brand’s name was on everyone’s lips.

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