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October 31, 2022 – 12:37 pm

Memory - Mobile Friendly WordPress Blog Theme - Personal Blog / MagazineSloven is a creative WordPress theme with multi header styles, 40+ shortcodes with megamenu which you can easy customize and create an awesome website, further more we combine multi page and one page templates so Sloven can be multi page or one page theme. Sloven can be used for any kind of websites like Business website, Agency, Hostpital, Travel, School, University, Church, Single Person.. You can also create online shop website with Sloven. Buy it and Enjoy it!

1. Mobile Friendly (Responsive) Design with very clean and sharp.

2. Revolution Slider Included bring you ability to create the most beautiful sliders for your website.

3. Visual Composer Drag and Drop Page Builder Included so you can build your website by just select, drag, drop layout builder

Alaska - SEO WHMCS Hosting, Shop, Business Theme - Hosting Technology4. 5 Homepage demo and 10 onepage included for you to choose for your website.

5. Elegant and clean megamenu also built in create you very much space for your heavy content website and navigation, it also can include image, video and pretty much anything in to it.

6. Unbranded powerful Theme Option

7. 8 Post formats

8. 600+ Google Web Fonts. (Change elements fonts in the theme settings)

Sloven has 40+ shortcodes:

  1. Accordion Shortcode
  2. Animation Header
  3. Button Shortcode
  4. Call To action
  5. Client List
  6. Contact Information
  7. Contact Shortcode
  8. Content Box
  9. Display Icon elegant or awesome.
  10. Display your skills with style
  11. Divider Shortcode
  12. Features Icon
  13. Find out us on google map
  14. Google Map
  15. Home Header Style
  16. Icon shortcode
  17. Images Gallery
  18. Interactive Banner
  19. Latest Posts
  20. List Icons
  21. List Style
  22. Message Box
  23. News Letter
  24. Pie Charts
  25. Portfolio Shortcode
  26. Portfolio Slide
  27. Pricing Table
  28. Progress Bar
  29. Quote Shortcode
  30. Section/Block Title
  31. Service Image
  32. Service Image Icon
  33. TS Slideshow
  34. Team Member
  35. Testimonial
  36. Text Dropcap
  37. Timeline Horizontal Style 1
  38. Timeline Horizontal Style 2
  39. Timeline Vertical
  40. Tweets Slideshow
  41. Video Popup
  42. Zero counter

Ariva - Onepage for Team, Band, Group, Company - Creative WordPress VAN- Minimalist Agency, Photo Gallery Shop Theme - Creative WordPress

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