SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

8 Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes 2015
October 11, 2022 – 07:16 am

avada themeAvada is #1 Selling Theme of All Time. Yes, this Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme has brought by over 100, 000+ customers; beating all the records. CEO of Envato describes; “Avada is the Swiss Army Knive of WordPress Themes. It does Everything!”

Avada is not only SEO friendly, but also comes with powerful framework that allows you to create virtually any design style, eliminating the need multiple themes. If you’re looking for All-In-One SEO theme, go for Avada.


  • SEO optimized
  • 100% fully responsive
  • fusion builder
  • powerful admin panel
  • fully customizable
  • Shortcode Generator
  • MegaMenu Built-In
  • Custom backgrounds
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Retina Ready

eleven40-pro: Here's a list of Top SEO optimized WordPress ThemesEleven40 Pro is one of the best Optimized SEO Friendly WordPress theme from StudioPress. Eleven40 theme works on Genesis Framework which is built on HTML5 with pixel-perfect design.

The intelligent design of Eleven40 incorporates mobile-responsive flexibility. Eleven40 theme is Highly Responsive; the theme fits perfectly in all screen resolutions. As you can see i’m using this theme on this blog.

  • HTML5 markup
  • Mobile Responsive
  • High Speed loads within a second
  • Highly Responsive
  • In-built SEO features
  • High CTR’s CPM’s and RPM’s
  • HTML5/ CSS3 built
  • Option Panel to Customize
  • User friendly design
  • Custom Background option
  • Different color styles

NewsTimes is another SEO Friendly WordPress Theme from MyThemeShop. NewsTimes is a pixel perfect, attractively designed and ultra responsive WordPress theme featuring hand-written HTML5 and CSS3.

magazine: Best SEO WordPress TemplatesNewsTimes loads incredibly fast, and features SEO optimizations to help you rank higher in Google. It also includes a built-in review system for writing helpful reviews.

  • Built-in review system
  • Powerful Option Panel
  • Blazing fast
  • Schema Tags Integrated
  • Social Media Icons

If you’re buying this NewsTimes theme, here’s a special offer for you; You can use the below MyThemeShop Coupon Code to get 15% discount on this Theme.

Click to Copy the Coupon

NewsTimes: WordPress SEO Themes Here's a list of Best SEO Friendly WordPress Themes pixeldom: Free WordPress SEO Theme DIYthemes Thesis WordPress Theme

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How to Make Word Press more SEO Friendly than Static Sites?

I agree with Null11, the Platinum SEO Pack is probably the best seo plugin available on wordpress. It can do a lot for your on page seo but off page is a different story.

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