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All In One SEO Pack to WordPress SEO Migration
September 22, 2022 – 11:42 am

So you’ve made the decision and want to migrate from All In One SEO Pack to my WordPress SEO plugin. It seems some people are afraid of taking the big leap. It’s actually fairly easy although it will be partly manual work. You won’t have to rewrite the title or description for any of your posts though, you can import those.

All In One SEO Pack Import

The steps are simple:

  1. Install WordPress SEO (search for “WordPress SEO” in your backend and you should see it).
  2. Activate WordPress SEO.
  3. Disable All In One SEO pack.
  4. Go to SEO - Import, you’ll see this:
  5. Select the appropriate checkbox, probably “Import from All-in-One SEO” and click “Import”.
  6. You’re done (with the automated part).

This imports all the meta descriptions, meta keywords and titles that you entered into All In One SEO Pack. Should this, for any reason what so ever, not work, then you can use the brilliant . This plugin allows you to move SEO data back and forth between several theme platforms and plugins, so it would also allow you to migrate to WordPress SEO from other plugins like Ultimate SEO.

All In One SEO Pack’s data is in, now what?

So after you’ve done this, you might want to setup title template, under SEO -> Titles and enable the XML sitemaps, under SEO -> XML Sitemaps. You could also go through all the other options, which I know the plugin has a lot (too much) of. In the future my plugin will have a setup assistant, asking you questions about your site and basing SEO decisions of that, I’m currently developing the logic for that.

Why WordPress SEO beats All In One SEO Pack

Do I really need to tell you that? Features like the snippet preview, page analysis functionality and included XML sitemaps functionality make my plugin a true all in one SEO solution. Most importantly, my plugin helps you do better SEO. Good SEO means, in most cases, good content writing. My plugin aims at supporting you with that as best as possible.

Are you using Google XML Sitemaps?

If you’re using Google XML sitemaps or another XML sitemaps plugin, you can just disable that and enable the XML sitemaps feature in WordPress SEO. The location changes with that, Google XML Sitemaps uses which is a static file, you can safely remove that. The new XML sitemap will be at

Successfully migrated? Let me know!

I’d like to hear in the comments from people who have switched over from All In One SEO Pack to WordPress SEO as to what worked for them, what I could improve in the import process and what issues you might have had. If you have any tips for the process, please share them so everyone can benefit!

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WordPress SEO is very famous term and it means when you do SEO through WordPress site. There are a lot of plugin in WordPress for SEO like All in one seo etc. Performing on-page SEO on WordPress site is quite easy in compare to other html or php sites.
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