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September 27, 2023 – 02:56 pm

Search engine optimisation Oxford 80% of all online transactions start with a search through Google, Bing or Yahoo. If you are not being found on the first page of results for popular terms within your industry, you could be missing out on customers to your competitors.

With Colour Rich SEO services, you can rely on our ethical approach to turn your website into a valuable business tool. Our SEO strategies are unique for every client, with careful planning to ensure your website reaches its maximum potential.

SEO services

Good Search Engine Optimisation is about getting visitors to your site and then turning them into customers. We understand what makes a visitor convert into a sale and can optimise design, code and content to match the goals of your site.


Search engines love websites which are updated frequently with new, unique content. One of the best ways to ensure your own site is constantly growing and being updated is with regular blog posts which are relative to you and your industry.

We can take care of posts on your behalf by producing highly relevant, one-off articles on a regular basis, to build your blog with content which the search engines will index and your visitors will find engaging.

Link building

We plan our link-building campaigns around only building links with other sites which offer the right "weight" of link that is going to be beneficial to you. Our link-building campaign will push your site in the right direction, with all of the many factors taken into consideration to develop excellent organic link growth.

Heatmap analysis

Are people finding the Checkout button? Is your latest report being read? By taking advantage of our heatmap integration, it's possible to analyse how visitors behave on your site. This competitive advantage helps to build a picture of where people click and scroll so we can make the necessary changes or additions that will increase conversions.

Bagatelle Toys

After redesigning the Bagatelle Toys website, we set about improving the visibility of the site for several very competitive keywords. Within 6 months, the site was taken from being unranked to a first page listing for over 6 different terms, where it competed with the likes of Toys-R-Us, Argos and Hamleys.

Colour Rich

The aim of the Colour Rich SEO was to achieve a better ranking for a set of 6 "web design" related keywords, which included the highly competitive term "creative web design". We achieved this with a 8 month timescale, with each term reaching a first page ranking.

Cyber Sea, Inc. IT/Software/Hardware Contract Pack V17.0
Software (Cyber Sea, Inc.)
  • Designed specifically for IT professionals. Includes contracts for IT, software, hardware, networking, website development, hosting, data centers and much more...
  • Includes over 180 contracts and agreements (over 670 pages of content)
  • Includes contracts for: Software and multimedia development, Website development, Hosting (including Adult Hosting), SEO and SAAS, Networking services, Equipment...
  • Includes optional Wizard proposal and contract management software utility (requires Microsoft Word for Windows with macro support for this optional component...
  • Licensed for use on 3 computers or by 3 users. In response to customer interest in lower shipping costs and environmentally friendly packaging Amazon orders are...
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