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Combat Blackhat SEO Infections with SEO Insights
January 3, 2022 – 07:39 am

A penny per spammy backlink.Blackhat SEO spam is the plague of the internet, and the big search engines take it seriously.

One of the worst spam tactics on the internet is becoming more common every day: innocent websites are hacked, and their best pages begin linking to spam. These Blackhat SEO spam tactics are fighting for expensive, high-competition keywords like: viagra, payday loans, casino… and lately a lot of high fashion spam.

This is a topic we write about often – it is rampant, after all. This time we’re going to dig into why it happens, what makes your site such an attractive target, and the SEO tools that can help you.

Good SEO Takes Time and Generates Long-term Traffic.

Many website owners invest significant time and resources creating great content and optimizing it for search engines. It can take months or years to build the authority required to bring a page to the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). By the time you get there, search engines will assume that your website has authority and value, and will then pass along some of your reputation to the sites you link to, like a vote of confidence.

Therein lies the danger.

New posts completely stuffed with keywordsTargeting and Infecting Sites For Quick, Cheap SEO.

Attackers build tools specifically targeted to finding vulnerable websites. Most of those tools rely on similar foundations, which is why it’s so important to update when developers release security patches. Hacker tools can show which pages have strong rankings (regardless of the keyword), or can ping Google with the “link:” search operator on a site in order to find out which pages have fewer outbound links, allowing the cracker to target the most potent pages. Most of the process is automated, and ends with your website and hundreds like it unknowingly participating in a link farm that the attacker can sell.

Blackhat SEO Spam Can Be Almost Invisible

Spam backlinks are usually placed in hidden iFrames where no one, including the site owner, can see them via a browser. SEO spam looks to abuse the audience you have worked so hard for and generate precious link juice for their respective clients. In some cases, a rule is defined to only shows spam links to search engine crawlers!

If you think that your website may be infected, you have a couple of options:

Search Engines Results Are What Google Sees

Sometimes, the hack goes a step further. To make the spam links seem relevant, they add keywords in Title and Description tags. This exposes the spam to users who search for your website:

In this case, new tags were added to posts that included the target keyword:

This one even created entire posts stuffed with keywords. Note that top-level domain is, and yet the keywords used have references to Canada.

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What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO refers to specific techniques and methods in optimizing a web site for search engines to read them. Black hat is the opposite of white hat SEO.

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