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November 21, 2022 – 01:22 pm

seo sydney companies best seoIt’s fair to say that it’s war at the top of Google for companies who get massive business from this virtual monopoly search engine.

Fields that have a lot to gain, conversely have the most to lose.

Certain industries such as finance companies, medical companies, insurance, cosmetic surgery and even areas such as compensation lawyers and conveyancing – they sometimes find, even here in Australia, that their Google Adwords click prices have become astronomical. Some are as high as $172 per click!

Social media has proved, for most small to medium businesses, to be a false dawn. Return on investment, when comparing ROI on SEO versus social media, is showing a general ratio of around 40 to 1. Social is fascinating and fun, but not to be relied on for cold hard cash.

We asked two Sydney SEO companies about how they view the current SEO environment – and what they feel comfortable trying to predict for 2015 and beyond.

“For years many Australian companies have held back on SEO spending as their CEOs and upper management were ill informed about it and many believed it was a passing fad.”

“Now they’ve finally realised that neglecting their Google rankings is severely damaging their business. They no longer have the luxury of holding back – so the last stragglers are coming in from the cold.”

Paul gets no disagreement there from the owner of SEO Sydney based in Sydney’s inner east, Stewart Dawes, who reveals that companies in Australia who did get onto SEO early are now positioning themselves to dominate their industries via multi-website rankings.

“The companies who started with us in 2009/10 and who took a daring and visionary approach back then, some of them have 10-20 money websites now, built by us using SEO techniques from the ground up, and these websites have dramatically altered their presence within their industries, ” Mr Dawes reports.

So what about SEO trends in 2015. Or even SEO trends in 2016? Both maverick SEO operators have interesting insights.

“You can’t leave your inbound links to chance any more, ” says the guy from Corporate SEO. “We’re now working with companies to develop strong personal blog networks so they will have systems that never discard their valuable inbound links.”

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