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Why White Hat SEO is the Way to go
August 25, 2022 – 07:38 am

White HatDuring some of my talks, before I go up on stage, I would often chat with some of my audiences. And some of them would tell me “so you’re responsible for all the spam in the web!” Big misunderstanding.

There are different kinds of SEO practitioners. But for now I’ll be splitting them into two categories: White hat SEOs and Spammers.

Spammers A.K.A. Black Hat SEOs

These are guys that you don’t want around. Hopefully Google’s spam team sooner or later eliminates the methods exploited by spammers. Google Caffeine is actually a big boost in Google’s spam control. I’ve seen it work fast and work well in ranking down/penalizing sites who hire spammers as their SEOs.

White hat SEOs

These guys are all about brand loyalty and human art. They make sure that they take care of their search engine rankings by avoiding spam so as not to be penalized. They make the web a place for people by working their backs off to create good, quality content that people need. They do things the hard way to reap out genuine, long-term benefits.

White Hat SEOs participate in forums, social networks, blogs as real people in real ways with real information. We work ourselves out to make sure the search engine give out results for which it was made for – real people.

Just as how get-rich-quick schemes will get you poor quick too, there is no get-to-first-page-in-google-quick way. There’s only the spammer way which will get found out and penalized sooner or later. And if they do get found out, the companies who hired them will reap out the consequences by being banned, penalized, ranked down, etc…

So you see, hiring spammers will get you nowhere in the long run. And if you’re a company building your online presence, you want nothing more than the long run results. Internet marketing isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Tips for Keeps: I advise you to pursue White Hat SEO too. There is no future in being a spammer. None.

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