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Learning From The World's Biggest Blackhat SEO + Massive SEO Shift
November 17, 2021 – 01:49 pm

Before we get into today’s SEO discussion:

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OK, for SEO right now, let’s recap on some important points about Google’s current ‘M.O.’ (that’s 70’s TV cop show talk for ‘how they do stuff’) in 2014:

1. Google hates you.

Google, the biggest Blackhat SEO company in the world by $ value, hates hates hates people like you and me doing SEO, artificially pushing sites to the top of Google for traffic and $. But as for Google’s own affiliate marketing?

And, they’re fine with manipulating their own search results to put their properties at the top of the SERPs e.g. the Google-owned ranks first for hundreds/thousands of search terms in its niche – coincidence?

and they keep getting into trouble for bumping up their own Web properties over their SERP competitors – apparently that’s not a type of Blackhat SEO and enhances the ‘user experience’?:

and, according to Google, duplicate content is worthless garbage UNLESS it takes the form of embedded YouTube videos featuring Google’s ads all over the Web. In that case, duplicate content is wonderful:

I don’t say the above with any anger – they’re squeezing as much income as they can out of their ‘time in the sun’ just as any other company probably would. But it’s good to keep Google’s anti-SEO hysteria and ‘quality content is king’ nonsense in perspective. Look at what they do rather than what they say.

I can’t remember where I read this but it’s succinct:

Google wants to organically rank popular sites rather than making sites popular by ranking them.

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Whitehat is hackers who are 100% legit, an example is security consultants (somebody that a company may hire to find security holes in their company).
Greyhat is hackers who are kind of on the fence. they do it for the game, or for the thrills and aren't actually going to cause any harm.
Blackhat is hackers who are in it for the lols and who aren't afraid of causing harm. Like stealing credit card info, email info etc. etc. and using this info
now that you know what the hats are, the world is a convention or get together.
technically the term hacker is used incorrectly, technically …

how much can you earn from SEO/SEM skills and in which part of the world? | Yahoo Answers

If you are good at SEO/SEM you can earn HUGE amount of money, no matter where do you live. Some clients pay several hundreds and even thousands dollars for an ongoing SEO/SEM projects.
Even if you are not selling your services to others, you can work for yourself and still earn huge amount of money from advertising.
"He who conquers Search Engines has Internet on its knees"
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