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SEO Management - Find Out Where to Start (and Where to Go Next)
May 29, 2021 – 03:11 am

SEO management starts with allocating resources; learn where your efforts should be placed.SEO management and the implementation of organic search engine optimization is extremely difficult due to the sheer volume of tasks involved - from keyword research and management, to building your website's structure, prioritizing content, and measuring results.

Being able to streamline and in some cases automate those tasks can provide you with specific, inexpensive traffic sources that will bring you excellent results.

This tutorial will outline how WordStream's PPC tool set and online SEO tools can be used to generate an SEO plan of attack that will:

  • Direct Your Organic SEO Efforts - WordStream offers PPC workflow tools that can be leveraged to provide you with SEO insights. These tools clearly (and statistically) point you to the areas that will have the greatest impact per energy expended.
  • Automate Away Some of Those Efforts - Automation is a powerful force when used strategically to help you (not replace you). Allowing software to actually carry out grunt work for you can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line.

SEO project management can be aided by WordStream's PPC and workflow tools.WordStream's keyword management SEO software offers automation with SEO keyword tools that help you to push some of the more labor-intensive tasks involved with SEO keyword research off of your plate (while integrating these tools with workflow suggestions that assure you that said automation isn't wasted or misappropriated).

  • Give You Real, Tested Information - Many existing search tools often provide you with very rough estimates based on dubious metrics that predict "total search volume" and may not be wholly applicable to you and your business. While this is better than nothing, wouldn't it be ideal to base your SEO efforts on actual site data - the keywords visitors are typing to find your site, the interactions your customers are having with your webpage, the real data that strictly applies to you? This page will show you how to utilize your own PPC data to optimize your SEO.

Where SEO Project Management Starts

Before you start managing things and allocating your valuable (and limited) resources, you need to know which way is up.

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