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Cheap Local SEO Services Don’t Add Up
December 16, 2014 – 11:32 am

cheap search engine optimizationThere is one thing that has been weighing on my mind for quite some time. It’s the issue of pricing. In any sales process pricing eventually comes up. There’s one BIG issue with local SEO pricing that’s different from other services or products and it all comes down to one modifier, QUALITY of services.

I speak with business owners on a daily basis and the ones that have used other “SEO companies” in the past without much success all have one thing in common. Whether they achieved rankings for a limited time and lost them due to the algorithm updates or they’ve spent money on SEO for the past year without any results, they’ve all been SOLD inadequate services and frankly they’re scared of SEO providers.

The Difference in SEO Providers

The difference between Rank Local and other SEO companies is that we absolutely refuse to offer cheap local SEO services. And when I say CHEAP, I mean sup-par, inferior, lousy, shoddy or frankly worthless local SEO services. There’s nothing economical about purchasing cut-rate SEO services when the cut is being made to the main ingredients you need for a successful search engine optimization campaign.

That’s exactly right. A lot of the pricing I’ve seen just doesn’t add up for the businesses that have been sold on it. I’ve seen it over and over again. A sales person that needs to hit their quota is so eager to get the sale that they end up selling the consumer on a sub-par service just to make the sale. This is exactly what has given some SEO companies a bad name. Fortunately, Google has gotten much better at eliminating the garbage from the rankings, so the SEO companies of yesteryear won’t be around for much longer or at least they won’t be showing up in the SERPS much longer. That is, not without spending an extraordinary amount of money on pay-per-click advertising.

SEO processThis applies to the fly-by-night company just as it does to some of the biggest players in the industry. Any sales driven SEO company is just that, driven by closing a deal at any expense, especially yours. It’s a frustrating thing to see happen especially when Rank Local, as a company, has always focused on providing the best quality local SEO services at the best pricing.

Our Job Is To Keep You Informed

We feel it’s our job to inform small business owners about pricing across the SEO industry. We focus on providing high-quality SEO services that will serve you until the end of time. Our SEO services are priced on the level of competition in your industry and your location. SEO is an intricate process.

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