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A Blueprint for Multi-Location
February 18, 2021 – 02:12 am

Local Search Structured DataA strong local search presence and visibility has always been important for multi-location brands. Google continues to make this increasingly so, with local branded and non-branded terms playing an ever greater role in search results, thanks to the Knowledge Graph and Local Carousel.

Ninety percent of consumers now use search engines to shop locally; these queries are happening from the desktop, on the mobile web, in apps, from maps, and even from GPS and other in-vehicle devices. Each and every internet transaction has a local connection, via the user on a device tied to a geo-coordinate.

Basically, wherever your consumer is – whatever device they're on – you need to be there when they are displaying intent and searching locally for either your brand or your service.

Local SEO and local listing management are two completely different tactics, yet completely intertwined, and the top brands should know that each is critical to ranking individual locations on Google. The search giant ranks multi-location brand websites based on three common sense factors:

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  • Best practice on-page validation factors (Local SEO)
  • High quality local landing page user experience
  • Relevant backlinks on directories and IYPs through listing validation.

Local SEO and SEM are time consuming and tedious, though. In order to achieve optimal results at scale, you need to automate processes where possible.

With these factors and challenges in mind, let's explore the steps necessary to deliver the best possible chance of ranking each of your locations for local queries. Crossing each of these concerns off the list is a multi-location brands' blueprint for scalable local SEO.

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Popular Q&A
Is it better for SEO to list your business on Google+ via local listing or Google+ Pages?

Both, actually! Your G+ Local page is your business location and is tied closely to organic search. You G+ Pages page is your "social presence" on Google+ for posting updates, interacting with others, etc.

Is it better for SEO to list your business on Google+ via local listing or company listing?

If your company serves customers nation/world wide, list it as a company. If you only serve people within a narrow radius, list as local. e.g. a plumber would be local, a software distribution company would be a company listing.
Just do whatever makes most sense to your business.

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