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Are SEOs Destroying Small Businesses? A Penguin Story
February 9, 2016 – 07:51 am

Joe the plumberI've been noticing a disturbing trend lately. I have been talking with a number of small business owners who have a story that is similar to the one that I have written below. In fact, the story below was created by taking real information from clients of mine (with their permission, of course). I fully expect that this post will have its share of thumbs down, but I thought it was worthwhile to write it in the hopes that it will help some small business owners from suffering like Joe, in my story below.

Meet Joe:

Joe is a plumber. He has worked hard to learn his trade. In the year 2004, Joe decided to get a website made for himself. He paid a local firm to create it. At the time, it was one of the few plumber websites in existence in his town and it brought him some good business. By 2011, every plumber in town had a website and Joe's website had a lot of competition. He was on the first page of Google, but near the bottom. He rarely got business directly from his website.

Joe was curious as to why some websites would be favored by Google. What could he do to appear higher on a Google search for plumbers in his area? One day, he got a call from an SEO firm. The man on the phone asked him if he would like his website to appear at the top of a Google search. Of course he did! He decided to hire the firm. They told him that they would build backlinks to his site as a site with lots of backlinks would look good in Google's eyes.

Open Site Explorer sorted by Anchor text.A few months went by, and Joe started to get more and more clients from the internet. The SEO company's work was paying off! By this point, Joe's website was number 4 on a search for plumbers in his area. The SEO firm asked him if he'd like to step up the game a little and have them build even more backlinks. To Joe, this was an easy decision. The ROI for him was substantial so far. So, he paid the company even more money and they went to work building more backlinks for him. A few months later, Joe was the number one plumber in Google for a lot of search terms.

He got so much business from this number one position that he decided to hire on extra staff. He hired a receptionist and two more plumbers. He bought two extra trucks and a bunch of tools. Business was booming! He also invested in a lot of offline advertising which encouraged everyone who saw it to visit his website. Life was good.

And then...April...

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Small business seo company
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