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3 Awesome Multi-Feature SEO Toolbars Compared
June 12, 2020 – 06:28 pm

SEO toolbars are highly useful utilities providing us with:

  • Lots of useful SEO info at a glance;
  • Quick access to more SEO tools and resources;

Why do you need to choose?

Toolbars take much space and also slow down your FireFox. Therefore I can afford to use no more than one SEO toolbar per FireFox profile.

How to compare?

I’ve compiled a quick comparison table (you knew I would) and added some notes below. You are more than welcome to share your own take.

Note: this comparison table is not meant to determine which one is better / worse. Instead, it aims at helping you choose the one that best fits your needs.

Note: I am describing features available by default. The tools can be configured to some extent, for example SEOquake allows to add almost any data (if you have at least some technical skills).

Major features
SEObook toolbar SEOmoz toolbar
See also:
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Popular Q&A
what is the best seo toolbar there is ? | Yahoo Answers

That depends....If you are using Firefox which is a great Browser then there is 2 add ons which are great:
1. SEO for firefox which is the Firefox add ons area
2. SEOQuake- which has just become available for IE
Best Regards
Paul Easton
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