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15 Indispensable SEO Tools
February 8, 2021 – 02:09 am

Google AdWords Keyword PlannerYou know the power of organic search to drive mountains of traffic to your website. However, with the release of Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird (what’s next Kangaroo?), the increase of “not provided” search queries, and Google’s 500-600 annual algorithmic updates, even the smartest marketers are left with major SEO challenges.

How can you win at SEO today? How can you beat your competitors in rankings and click-throughs from the SERPs? How can you capitalize on your most important organic search opportunities?

WordStreamThankfully there is a bevy of SEO tools to help you become an SEO champ! Check out some of our favorites, below:

1. Google AdWords Keyword Planner

AdWords Keyword Planner is a staple SEO tool, providing Google search volume stats, keyword-specific competitive levels and keyword suggestions.Google Webmaster Tools The statistics are extremely useful, but remember that the actual numbers are directional in nature rather than absolute.

2. WordStream Keyword Tool

WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool is similar to Google’s keyword tool, helping you to identify keywords to target. The tool provides suggestions of keywords based on a database of over a trillion keywords. WordStream also offers a free niche finder to find terms based on a specific topic.Raven For example a search on “project management” provides 2, 747 niches to search within like software, training and jobs.

3. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a cornerstone of any SEO campaign, providing valuable insights, data and diagnostics to help ensure that your website is fine tuned in line with Google’s best practices. Here are just a few of our favorite features:

  • URL Crawl Errors: Offers URL error reports for desktop, smartphone, feature phone, and news
  • Fetch as Google allows you to submit and render URLs as Google sees them
  • Links to Your Site: Lists top external link domains, your most linked content, and information on how your data is linked
  • Search Queries: Provides metrics on the top queries driving traffic to your site
  • Load Speed: Diagnoses impediments to faster load speeds for your web pages
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What is the best open source reference management tool under Google Chrome?

I'm a big fan of Zotero. It's ideally meant to be used with Firefox but I downloaded the standalone version and use it exclusively with Chrome using the extensions they offer.

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