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August 19, 2022 – 07:20 am

scripts-libraryPeople have been asking more about BlackHatStacks (BHS), what exactly it is and what’s inside, this post will give you a quick overview. For a long time now SEOs have been wanting more in depth tutorials and advanced guides for things like GSA search engine ranker and private blog networks. Well the problem is, we can’t all be running the same methods and compromising the integrity of the process for everyone else. This is why you’ll find more noobie geared content and generalized tutorials on my blog, the specifics just can’t be revealed openly.

Enter , a community stacked with more knowledge on SEO than you’ll find anywhere on the web. It’s the ultimate resource for intermediate to advanced SEOs looking for the missing pieces when it comes to blackhat SEO.

Here’s a closer look at just a FEW of the perks available immediately when you join the community:

  • A 100% private forum with so many of the tutorials you guys have been asking for, that for so long I was hesitant to release to the public.
  • Case studies, research experiments, and other guides from myself and circle of SEO friends.
  • A library of scripts to help make your work flow easier and help you improve your game. These scripts were developed to increase productivity and eliminate the most annoying tasks faced in our day to day grind.

(Here’s a peak)

  • Forums on each and every area that concerns a blackhat SEO (and then some). When members post questions on these forums, they’ll most likely be answered by myself or some of my elite blackhat friends.
  • More to come that we’re not announcing quite yet…

Now, the tutorials you get immediately when you join are the fruit of my (and a couple close, elite friends) research from countless hours of hustle.

Here’s a preview of a few of the ones I think you’ll be most interested in right off the bat:

GSA Search Engine Ranker Tutorial: How I’ve perfected the setup with over 1000s of hours running the software, and how you can replicate it exactly. This is a huge 3 part series. Of course, by necessity it features a tutorial on my site scraping techniques you won’t find here or anywhere else. Take a look.

Private Networks: Our PBN tutorial kills anything you’ve found to date. It’s the real deal created by my partner who is INSANE at what he does, having created multiple successful networks. You get his epic 7-part series, available immediately to you when you join our community. Here’s a look:

SAPE: If you’re tired of spending too much with a broker, or just want the power to order baller links at will, you’ll LOVE our detailed SAPE Tutorial. It will take you through everything, even signing up for your account and funding it (harder that you would imagine, if you haven’t tried it yourself).

Also here is a quick video that shows the forum a bit.

There is, of course, much more available, now as my focus has been on publishing a ton of content there mostly.

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What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO refers to specific techniques and methods in optimizing a web site for search engines to read them. Black hat is the opposite of white hat SEO.

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