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March 20, 2021 – 02:30 am


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Search Factory is well-versed in crafting performance-based search marketing strategies for business-to-business, business-to-consumer and white label Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) clients. From startup to enterprise level and in both niche and highly competitive markets, we have experience with achieving results for a wide variety of clients. Our ability to adapt to almost any situation stems from our belief that SEO packages are so last algorithm, cookie cutter approaches to search are not effective, and each job should be assessed and quoted individually.

SEO Market Environment

SEO is the process of taking online content and optimising it to appear favourably with search engines, thereby improving website traffic and assisting with conversions.

The search marketing industry has undergone large-scale changes in the past three years thanks to the release of the Penguin, Panda and Hummingbird algorithm updates.penguin-seo Designed to maintain a high level of quality, these updates were aimed at webmasters and SEOs who used tactics to manipulate search results and gain rankings with shortcuts. Here’s an overview of the major algorithm changes and how they impacted the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs):


The Penguin update first launched in April 2012, focusing on low quality backlinks and over optimisation of exact match anchor text. Penguin 2.0 sent shockwaves throughout the SEO industry, with many sites losing ranking. One of the more surprising sites to be penalised was, which lost over 57% of its visibility.panda-seo This was surprising because the look and quality of content was high, but an analysis showed toxic links. Since its inception, Penguin has had five updates in total, with the latest update, Penguin 2.1, being released in October 2013. Penguin has its crosshairs locked on exact match anchor text from low quality domains. Diversifying your backlink profile by having quality, relevant domains with branded anchor text is the ideal Content Marketing strategy.


The Panda update first hit in February 2011, focusing on filtering out sites that had poor, thin and duplicate content. Link farms and sites that were overly spammy with a high ad-to-content ratio also saw drops in rankings. Google’s latest Panda update, Panda 4.0, launched in May 2014 and resulted in a very bad day for eBay. The best way to keep the Panda happy is to ensure that all pages have unique and sufficient relevant content; you can’t have ten great pages in a thousand-page website.

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