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How do you find the best SEO Firm?
August 4, 2018 – 07:05 pm
Best SEO Firm in Toronto

Who is the Top SEO Company in Toronto?

With an overwhelming amount of search engine optimization companies in Toronto available, finding the best team for the job can be difficult and time consuming. Before you google “best SEO Toronto” or “SEO companies Toronto” to find a list of companies you might like to work with, there are few things you should be aware of. Be on the lookout for these ten shady tactics some of the top SEO firms commonly practice before you decide to hire someone.

1. ” I can Guarantee you the Number One Spot”

I am placing this one first because it is the most important claim to be weary of.

I’ve seen hundreds – yes hundreds – of SEO Toronto “experts” claim that they can guarantee results within a short timeframe. I’ve seen some even claim they can have you ranking on the first page within a month.

They may go even further and state that they have an “in” with Google and any website they put onto a list can automatically – no questions asked – become number one on Google.

Here is something to keep in mind – no one has an “in” with Google!

Google’s main purpose is to enhance the user experience by providing organic relevant search results. The search engine is incredibly advanced, using complex technical algorithms that ensure the top results are placed properly.

Since the results are solely based on what the algorithm decides is the most relevant – there is no way to guarantee results.

I can personally guarantee that if you purchase a package from an SEO Toronto company who promises such results – you are getting ripped off! Your money will go a lot further with a company that doesn’t lie to you.

2. Too Cheap or too Expensive

Beware of those “too good to be true” websites – such as Fivver, Elance & FreeLancer – that allow you to purchase services for incredibly low rates. Many Toronto SEO companies that post their services on these sites are relatively cheap. You can assume that if you are quoted at a low price, the quality of the work will be just as low.

The same goes for those companies quoting ridiculously overpriced fees for search engine optimization in Toronto. A company that can charge a substantial amount would not need to look for work on these freelance websites. If someone’s price does not fall in line with other SEO companies – this should ring an alarm bell in your brain.

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