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Benedict - Expert SEO Consultant
June 22, 2020 – 06:42 pm
Specialist skills at Identify Problems & Opportunities

OK, Exactly What Does aN SEO Consultant Do?

  • COMPREHEND: Understand exactly what you are selling and to whom and in what quanities
  • CREATIVE: Increase web traffic by indentifying opportunties for organic search traffic from keywords or phrases for which a client's site does not rank highly for, supporting these keywords with strong back links
  • ANALYTICAL: Measure and monitor a clients online presence and look for ways to improve traffic through interpreting Google Analytics / site stats
  • LOGICAL: Increase a site's revenue and conversion rates through implementing improvements to a site's content, navigation and code


As the Business owner, you know more about your services / products than anyone else. For this reason, Benedict takes the time to really understand your business, your online market and future aspirations.

SEO is not a dark art, it is a science and a process that begins with information about who your market is and what are they searching for

It is only when we have all of this information and a detailed understanding of your company that an SEO Consultant can begin to add real value and support your goals.

What can we do for you?

Identifies Problems & Opportunities
After an SEO Specialist has examined the profile of your website, your Consultant goes to work identifying problems and opportunities.Mr Sykes is our Senior Consultant and Director of Strategy Those may be certain problems you can point out, however a good Consultant will have a process to identify on and off page problems and opportunities, which a client has not identified.

A new SEM brings fresh eyes, fresh experience and an open mind to your online enterprises, often providing a completely different perspective than that of someone who has been running the core website for some time.

After identifying the problems and opportunities of the website a Consultant will then analyse the gathered information in order to provide solid solutions and strategy for the future. Learn more or see What does it cost? ...

You will have access to tools and techniques that are simply not available or accessible to your ordinary online business. You will have access to expertise that is honed over 12 years or 3000 website promotions. Learn more

We have created a whole section devoted to consultancy. It lists our hourly rates rates for consultants and gives you help and advice in choosing a specialist.

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Who is to consult when investing in real estate?

Talk to an experienced real estate broker in your area. Interview at least three brokers before signing a contract or viewing properties.
Real estate investment today is the most effective way to get good return on investment(ROI). You cannot earn as much profit in other sector as in real estate. But it requires your large effort & hard work to get succeed .Talking about real estate consultant ,you need the best who can understand your financial requirements and offer you the best investment deal. Such consultants/agents are hard to find.

How can SEO be helpful in real estate sales?

SEO can be helpful as it will help get you exposure by reaching out to as many users online as possible. By optimizing your real estate through popular websites, you can expect to increase your sales. To have effective SEO, do your research, utilize good titles, increase content, use images and be patient!

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