White Hat SEO link building

5 White-Hat Link Building SEO Techniques in 2015
January 3, 2022 – 07:39 am

Help-A-Reporter-OutGetting backlinks is also one of the hardest parts of SEO. Most link building techniques used by marketers either don’t work, or result in search engine penalties. This is why you need to focus on white-hat link building tactics that not only result in quality backlinks, but will also keep you in Google’s good books.

In this post, you’ll learn about five white-hat link building SEO techniques that still yield results in 2015:


  • Find a well-loved, heavily backlinked article.
  • Make a better version of said article.
  • Email everyone who linked to the original article about your new, improved version.

According to Brian, a well written article backed by quality outreach can see a success rate of up to 15-20% for all outreach emails. Which is to say, if you send out 100 outreach emails, you can end up with 15-20 backlinks.

The Skyscraper SEO technique works for three reasons:

  • Since the search term for the article is already popular, your content has a better chance of getting search engine traffic, especially due to your content quality.
  • It gives people a reason to link back to your site. Webmasters who care about their readers will be happy to add a superior source to their pages.


One of the best way to get high quality backlinks is to help out journalists. Journalists are always in need of sources for their stories. If you can provide them the information they need, you can land a mention in respected news publications.

Back-LinkingHARO, or Help a Reporter Out, is a website that connects reporters with sources. A reporter can put up a request to find leads for a story. If you have any relevant information, you can jump in and help. The reporter can then credit your website in the news story.

This works wonderfully well for all parties. The reporter gets access to a source quickly, while others get free publicity on a high value news site.


You might have heard that guest blogging is “done” after Google’s Matt Cutts’ . The truth is that Cutts was talking about low value guest posts on blogs of questionable quality. Guest blogging on top-tier websites where the aim is to establish authority is still alive and kicking.

Guest blogging that works in 2015 is less about backlinks, and more about building up an audience. The target blog’s DA, PR and other SEO indicators are low priority. Instead, the focus is on things like the blog’s audience size, reputation in the industry, readership quality, etc. Whatever backlinks you do get are just the cherry on top.

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